What do you want to be when you grow up? I find at 52, I am still trying to figure that out.  And, I have discovered that maybe I have been asking the wrong question.

On one hand, as a woman of faith, I strongly believe that God has a divine purpose for each of our lives. Some people complete this in the first hours of life; for others, it may take 100 years. God’s purpose may never be known to us in this lifetime, but I am confident that we are called home when God is satisfied that we are done with our earthly work and our heavenly purpose is fulfilled.

Some people seem to have things go very easy, while others struggle significantly. It seems so unfair to us when we have no answers which, in turn, leads to disappointment and discouragement and perhaps even a loss of faith. What we must remember is that we are given strength to handle all we that need to do while completing the tasks that are part of our divine purpose. And when we falter, He gives us abundant grace, mercy and love.  He will not let us fail.

On the other hand though, perhaps our personal purpose never quite seems to be fulfilled because we add extra stress to our lives by getting fixated on “the higher power/divine purpose”.  This is when we should let go and give it to God, remembering that we are not in control of all things.

Since we are only here for a finite time and we all desire our life to have meaning, perhaps the true question to ask is “What can I do with my life that is important?”

It seems far more manageable looking at in this way; we all have people, causes and ideas that are important to us.  Now we just need to determine how to incorporate what is important to us into our everyday lives. Although it takes work, to me that seems much simpler than trying to figure out what the divine purpose is for my life.

As with anything, we need to ask some tough questions to determine just how important something is.

a. Not everything is easy–so how will we handle the days that totally suck or when we experience failures, rejections, long nights and 80 hour + work weeks? If we can handle these things, it might be important to us

b. Remember all of the things we did as kids just for the fun of it? Why did we stop? Was it because society told us to do so? Stop worrying what everyone thinks of you. Remember what brought you joy and begin doing that again simply because it’s important to you.

c. What gets you so excited you may forget to eat or sleep? Take this excitement and work towards improving your ideas and challenging yourself.

d. Remember that we have to embarrass ourselves, something we usually try to avoid because it’s difficult and awkward to let ourselves be this vulnerable. In order to be awesome, we first have to have no clue and to really suck at it too.  We have to be willing to be unconventional and not follow the sheep. This means we may be laughed at and ridiculed, but feel that fear and do it anyway. I think that saying goes “nothing great ever came out of our comfort zones”. If it scares us, we should probably do it–kind of like writing this blog!

e. Can I save the world? Probably not by ourselves, but we can contribute and find other like-minded people who have similar ideas. Work with them on a call to action. When we feel we are making a difference, we actually can spark change. My hope with this blog is that it helps all of us to learn, grow, and lead with kindness, respect and by example; that we spread love and light by understanding each other at the core of our souls. You may laugh at that idea, but that’s okay, I can take the laughter and embarrassment (see “d”)!

f. Passion is a result of action. Don’t become complacent. If you were forced to be out of your house all day doing something, what would you do with time: volunteer, take a class, save a life? Go out and do it as we are not tied to the couch, the tv or social media.

g. And the really tough one, if you knew you were going to die in a year, what would you have wanted to do? What do you want your legacy to be? What is important you?

Hey–you should probably go do that!

What’s important to me? Blogger, action taker, change maker, perspective shifter, faith walker, inspiring to others…I am liking the ring of those things more so than what I do now. Baby steps now, leaping soon, soaring into awesome before you know it!


(originally published Aug 2016)

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  1. Great insight and wonderful advice! I’m still trying to figure it out too!

    • Thanks, glad you found it helpful. I love the blogging community. So much to learn; I think is wonderful that most everyone is so willing share and collaborate!

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