I took the day off and made it a Monday Me-Day!  It is so important that we feed our soul and even more critical to not feel any guilt in doing so.  Sustenance is the means of sustaining life and includes not just our physical nourishment but also the care and maintenance of our minds, hearts and souls as well.

Routines are somewhat necessary in our daily lives, but breaking them is not only fun, but quite healthy! Sometimes it’s as simple as a change of scenery, at other times a whole life shift may be needed. Let’s focus on the small, immediately rewarding moments.

Whether you consider your body a temple, an instrument or a couch potato, it needs continual maintenance and fine-tuning.  Our minds and souls are the same way.  A quick way to reset when you don’t have much time is to close your eyes and take a 5-minute mini vacation.  Coupled with some deep, cleansing breaths, this short break is a good way to reset.

I know not everyone can take a random day off now and then, but anytime you can get a few hours to yourself, I encourage you to use them.  I am also suggesting you don’t use them to catch up on laundry or scrub the toilet, but to treat yourself.  A nap, reading, crafting, walking, listening to music, eat ice cream for lunch, learn some new words, meditate or pray in quiet, walking around Target or your favorite store without hearing “Are we done yet?”or “Buy me this!”  Do anything  that brings you joy.

It was a chilly morning here, but I grabbed a hoodie and my mug, and watched the changing skies and enjoyed every sip of that hot, spirit-awakening liquid. The birds added a sweet, melodic accompaniment as I took some time to work on my bullet journal, jot down some future blog post ideas and get in a few chapters of my latest book.

What started out as a “Hey, let’s meet for lunch and catch up”, turned into a drink (a little liquid gold Old Fashioned) and lunch/dinner combo.   Seafood is definitely sustenance in this girl’s book! Toss in great conversation (and I do mean we can talk about anything) and tons of laughs; it was a great few hours of feeding mind, body and soul!

Even though quite full, we realized there’s a newer sweet shop across the street.  Looking at each other, no words necessary, simply a nodding of the heads signaling a big, fat YES!  Shakes and gummy bears purchased, we headed towards home.

Now time for writing about this day, and watching some playoff hockey (which yes, I admit is stressful, but I am so relaxed just because I was not in the office on a gorgeous day (and a Monday to boot) that I can handle it!

Don’t use excuses, there is always some time for self-care. I have said it in other posts:  if you knew today was your last day on earth, would you spend it at work, washing clothes or cleaning your bathroom?  My guess is no. When we aren’t mindful of our personal needs and we don’t take steps to sustain our whole self, we typically end up get knocked down on our butts.  Slow down, take some deep breaths, and listen:  your soul is speaking to you.  Always be mindful and never feel guilt; self-care is never selfish.


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  1. What a lovely post. I agree that everyone needs to take a little time out every now and then and just close their eyes and breath. The best way for me to unwind and take those moments to myself is to be in nature surrounded by trees and grass, it’s so relaxing and makes me forget about everything else for a while!

  2. This was a breath o fresh air. Self-care is a big deal for me and I make it a big priority to take care of myself. It’s not fancy or anything out of this world, but a day off with good company, good food and good vibes is all it takes to feel great.

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