Some days, it feels so good to be a rebel!  Later this week, I have a post on being a Rebel With a Cause.  Today, I choose to be a rebel without one.  Well, let me rephrase that:  I am not going to end violence, hunger, poverty or other social injustices, but I am going to contribute to my own personal happiness.

When feeling happy, we project more positive energy and carry ourselves with greater confidence.  I am always encouraging others to find things, no matter how big or small, that bring a smile not only to their faces, but also to their hearts.

Color often plays a role in our moods.  The brilliant azure blue of the ocean, the bold hues of fall, the lime green of new growth in spring, the spectacular purples, pinks, reds and golds of a sunset—all invoking either a sense of calm or an awakening of our spirits.

While I am normally a gray, black, white, red and yellow kind of gal, this spring, the cobalt blue is kicking it for me.  As I stood in the closet choosing today’s work attire, the new cobalt blue blouse was calling my name.  But, what to wear on the bottom.  So I searched and searched and could have easily worn black pants or skirt.  But there they were, hanging just to my right…white ankle pants.  I actually got a little giddy and thought “Ooh, you rebel, it’s only May 15th and well before Memorial Day.”

I yanked those pants off the rack with lighting speed, pulled them on and exclaimed to myself, “This ain’t your grandma’s kind of spring, “F” those old fashion rules and rock it girlfriend!”  (While this isn’t necessarily a fashion rule these days, some of us are old enough to remember that you never wore white before Memorial Day.  Some habits are hard to break!)

So today, I sit here at work, the sun is shining (a welcome break from all of the rain), and I am feeling joy at the simplest of things: cobalt blue and white!

Rebel in Blue

What will you do today to be a little rebellious and find a lot of joy?

Rebel in white