Month: June 2018

The Journey to Self

There are a few things I have learned in life, especially in the past 10 years. We are a people walking around not only connected more to our phones than to ourselves or others, but also hiding behind any number of masks!  The path to self is filled with so many obstacles, it’s no wonder […]

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Heaven in a Canyon

Grand Canyon: A Bit of Heaven on Earth

Earlier this month, my son & I made a visit to the Grand Canyon. I knew it would be spectacular but I wasn’t prepared for that first glimpse at all. For the woman who talks a lot, I am rendered speechless for a moment; completely awestruck at what I was viewing. In fact, it was more […]

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Wow Liebster Award

Wow! Liebster Award Nomination

Wow! My blog is nominated for the Liebster Award!  This is a wonderful, completely unexpected surprise and, the fact that the nomination came while I am away on vacation, has just made this week even more perfect! I literally let out a scream when I received the message (scaring a few people in the process; but […]

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The only thing that makes flights tolerable is the end destination.  Yes, I respect and desire safety, but flying has lost the appeal it once carried. People are moving at a frantic pace, employees rarely look happy and we all seem like sheep being led to the shearer.  Cramped into tight spaces with people you […]

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Listening in Chaos

Inadvertent listening provides opportunities for prayers & good vibes for neighbors

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