The only thing that makes flights tolerable is the end destination.  Yes, I respect and desire safety, but flying has lost the appeal it once carried.

People are moving at a frantic pace, employees rarely look happy and we all seem like sheep being led to the shearer.  Cramped into tight spaces with people you don’t know, hoping your luggage arrives and there are no delays.

There are pluses though:

It’s time away from the office, a week with wonderful friends and the youngest of my children (Happy Birthday to my oldest today!).  At 52, I am finally going to visit the Grand Canyon (and Sedona). Primarily, it’s time to relax, rest and rejuvenate.  Even with 108 degree temperatures, I look forward to desert air, poolside beverages, exploring nature and lots of laughter!

This week, the blog posts become somewhat of a travel journal and pictures will be shared.  I hope you will be able to get away this year to renew your soul.  I am grateful and blessed that I can travel.  Whether day trips or an epic travel adventure, take time to enjoy your surroundings and refresh your mind, body and spirit!

And now that boarding has commenced, the lamenting about flights will cease!  Happy travels wherever your roads may lead!

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  1. The 108 degrees is only as you are getting off the plane, it is much cooler in Flagstaff than in Phoenix, just keep wearing the sunscreen, I always get bad sunburns at the Grand Canyon. You will love the Grand Canyon! I live in AZ, it has the most amazing views and sunsets. Make sure you have your camera ready!

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