Earlier this month, my son & I made a visit to the Grand Canyon. I knew it would be spectacular but I wasn’t prepared for that first glimpse at all. For the woman who talks a lot, I am rendered speechless for a moment; completely awestruck at what I was viewing. In fact, it was more like gobsmacked! I was experiencing a breathtakingly magnificent wonder and my brain needed some to process this piece of heaven on earth.

The powerful forces of nature at work over millions of years is logically known, but still difficult wrap my head around.  The layers upon layers of different types of rock, the colors, the textures, the depth, the length, the width are simply mind-boggling (especially when realizing I am viewing only a small percentage of the entire Canyon).  This was my first view:

First View of Heaven on Earth


As we walked, I observed my son with equal wonder.  Of course, there were times he freaked me out by going to the edges. (This mama nearly had heart failure a few times😯😥)!  Most of the time, I saw the same wonderment in his eyes.  He was ready to hike down into the canyon in a heartbeat, but sadly, not this trip. I am hoping he gets to do this sometime in next few years.

The experience with him was priceless and I wouldn’t trade it at all.  Heaven really does exist on earth in many people and places.  Just look at this—

Heaven on Earth

This is just a taste of our week.  If you need to get in touch with nature, need a shift in your perspective of the world around you or need to get back to your own core, add the Grand Canyon to your travel bucket list—I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!  Although the magnificence can’t totally be captured on film, check out our movie clip below for a little slice of heaven.

Grand Canyon Video 2018

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  1. What a beautiful post! Nature is so helpful to re-energize us and ground us and help stablize our brains when It’s off… beautifully weitten!!! Thank u for sharing 🙂

  2. I loved the Grand Canyon, too! When I was travelling through Arizona we had an RV, so we didn’t stop at any motels or anything, and we didn’t have internet or service for a week. It was so nice to just disconnect from everything and enjoy the incredible nature!

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