The path to self 2
The path to self

There are a few things I have learned in life, especially in the past 10 years. We are a people walking around not only connected more to our phones than to ourselves or others, but also hiding behind any number of masks!  The path to self is filled with so many obstacles, it’s no wonder we often seem lost.

People hide for many reasons (and yes I am still guilty now and then): ego, narcissism, social awkwardness, shyness, past hurts, grief, depression, covering up addictions, etc.

The biggest reason, I believe, is fear. Magazines, TV, social media, family, friends, even complete strangers—tell us how we should think, look, act, and feel. We are continually bombarded with messages, harassments, bullying even, that we withdrawal, shrink and hide rather than rising up and saying:

No! I am not unworthy!
No! My soul is not ugly!
No! I am not a victim of past hurts or abuses!
No! I do not need clothes, makeup or that hairstyle to be someone else’s definition of beautiful, confident or sexy!
No! My religious beliefs, sexual orientation, desires, kinks, etc. are not your business and are never harming you or anyone else.
No! You don’t get to control my words, thoughts or actions.
No! I don’t need to do things to feed another’s ego or whims!
No! I don’t need your opinion on every life choice I make. Your opinions are just that, opinions and not always truths!
No! I don’t need your negativity!
No! You will not manifest your ego, narcissistic or other toxic behaviors into my life.
No! You will not drag me into your drama!

#StandUpBeSeen! Stand up and be seen on your own accord! Everything you need in this world is inside you already! Be raw, be vulnerable, dig deep, trust yourself!

Find your brave, drop the masks, stop playing victim; show your true self! Everyday, you should be looking in the mirror and seeing the incredible, magnificent, grace filled person you were put on this planet to be! Enough of listening to those corporations, media outlets and other humans telling us who and what we should be!


I AM worthy!
I AM beautifully, wonderfully made!
I AM living my best, authentic life!
I AM filled with love and have love to give!
I AM here; visible to all!
I AM strong, confident, passionate on my own!
I AM filled with joy!
I AM living in gratitude!
I AM a survivor!
I AM not a label placed by society!
I AM sexy and sexual!
I AM compassionate, loving, giving!
I AM a force with which to be reckoned!
I AM a person with fire in my soul!
I AM practicing self care!
I AM wearing what I want because I feel good!
I AM taking actions to positively impact the world!
I AM feeling the fear, kicking its ass and rising above!
I AM no longer hiding!
I AM capable of creating my joy!
I AM not ashamed of my faith journey! (I AM not ashamed if I don’t have one!)
I AM embracing my vulnerability!
I AM not fearing the intimate or difficult conversations!
I AM not everyone’s cup of tea but I am amazing and know my tribe! I AM not letting anyone’s rejection influence my mood or behavior!


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    • Absolutely. It took a few years to learn that but once I did…my 40’s and now into my 50’s have been amazing!

  1. Great affirmations! awesome blog! Thank you! I needed that

  2. Great affirmations. I have a list of affirmations I say in the morning. They definitely help with the start of my day.

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