Autumn is a beautiful time for transforming.  Whether subtle or dramatic, you can see it everywhere:  marked changes in appearance, form, structure, and function.

As summer fades, the earth is quietly, constantly, magnificently preparing for beautiful rebirth.  As nature changes, it’s the perfect time to focus on transforming things in our own life that are old, stale, negative, etc.  We can change our thoughts, behaviors, perspectives, energies…there are really limitless opportunities.

“You and I possess within ourselves – at every moment of our lives – under all circumstance, the power to transform the quality of our lives. Knowing that is what the work is all about.” ~ Werner Erhard

The links below are Autumn posts I wrote the past two years.  I couldn’t top them this year, so I decided to share with you again.

My Love of Autumn

”Transformation is a journey without a final destination.”  ~Marilyn Ferguson

The Life Giving Beauty of Autumn

Cynthia Gunther Richardson (talesforlife 2011-2018) shared a gorgeous photo and poem on her blog Tales for Life.  This poem reflects the wonder of this season and captures the essence of transformation.  Please give it a read and check out her other poems and posts as well.  Tempo Change

In keeping with our ongoing theme of overcoming fears, we can work on embracing change.  Time for transforming is upon us.  Grasp and hang on to the blessings we have; stay alert for those out there just waiting for us to capture them!  Happy Autumn!  Happy Transformation!

Transforming Beautifully

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  1. Ahh this gets me so excited for the cooler months! Never thought I’d see the day that I was happy to say goodbye to summer! Fab post 🙂

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