I Love You! 17 Day Challenge!

Saturday, October 28, 2018 my city of Pittsburgh was rocked by a crime of pure hate and evil. The quiet, welcoming neighborhood of Squirrel Hill experienced a day that no town should ever have to go through.  Each one of these incidents is heartbreaking, but when it happens in your town, it’s even more difficult to process.

Our city is pulling together and the outpouring of support from the nation and world will help the families and friends and the city to heal. We will support and pray of course.

We as a human race have to do more!

We will vote. We need to stand up to injustices.  There must be better mental health services available. Laws need to be amended.  But there are daily things we can do:

  • be more tolerant
  • be kind
  • show respect
  • smile more
  • get to know our neighbors
  • understand our differences through education
  • stop bullying
  • don’t get annoyed at every minor thing
  • slow down and enjoy life
  • promote peace
  • be love & spread love

It seems so easy to go off (especially on social media) when we disagree with someone. Bullying, arguments, disrespect, hatred seems so easy to share. But when we need to talk about kindness, respect, love…it seems so difficult to do. Heaven forbid we spread love—but that’s exactly our purpose here on earth. To help one another, to love one another even when difficult.

I posted challenge on my personal & blog Facebook pages & on Twitter.  I am asking you to join me in taking the challenge and to share this blog post with fellow bloggers, with your family and friends and on your social media pages.

Let’s flood the world with love! ❤️  If we can do it for 17 days, maybe, just maybe, we can make this a habit!

In memory of the 11 who lost their lives and in honor of the 6 injured, I give you this challenge: for 17 days, post no hatred, no bullying, no disrespect, no drama, no political backstabbing, etc. That means even being nice in the comment section of the posts of others.

Imagine the positive impact we can make here! Share this with others and let’s spread the love! ❤️