Monday…not a lot of good things are associated with this day.  You can find many memes about dread, doom and gloom, and overall disdain for this day.  On the other hand, there are equally good motivational and inspiring quotes that aim to support us as we dive in and tackle the Monday Blues!  This morning, my experience (though a little embarrassing), proved that laughter is the best Monday Medicine.

I purchased a piece of luggage yesterday and it has the built-in TSA lock.  Once home, I can’t get it unlocked.  I look online under multiple sources and just can’t seem to figure it out. (Yes, some of you are probably laughing already. 😬😋)

So, I venture back to the store this morning and look at the pieces there, none of which has a key.  I ask the girl with the 8 different vibrantly festive colors in her hair if she had any idea.  She tries to play with it and can’t figure out either.  She kindly tries to look up a description on the website but said, “Let me get the man who usually works here, I’m sure he will know.”

He comes sauntering along and with a cheesy grin plastered on his face says, “Oh, I’m guessing it’s locked right?”  Groans all around.  He looks at it too and is also pulling up the website.  Now, we are drawing a crowd, well just two other employees, but you get the point.  As we are all talking and trying to figure it out, Ms. Colorful Hair says, “Oh, Jeez!”

We all stop talking and she reaches down and slides the lock portion in the direction provided by the distinct red arrow on the lock.  Open Sesame!  My face goes red as I realize a key was not needed all along (I only need a combo; the lovely TSA agents use a key to open it.) 😊🤭🙄

We all just looked at each other and burst into laughter. As I begin to say how silly I feel, the first guy says, “Nope, don’t say a word, we are all just as ridiculous!  The laughter got even louder.  I have to say, from my perspective, laughter is truly the best medicine not just for a Monday but any day!

In this past week, I have had three opportunities to share a lot of good times, food and laughter and it was exactly what I needed!  Today’s episode confirmed that:

  1. we should never, ever take ourselves too seriously (if you don’t subscribe to this theory, I have to tell you to lighten up a bit),
  2. learn who is a true part of your tribe and,
  3. spend as much time with those who inspire, motivate, care for and feed your soul as possible.

Most importantly, make sure you find ways to bring laughter into your life every day!