The perfect gift is love—a gift we must give to ourselves first and then to the world in abundance.  Love liberates, gives courage and allows one to rise from mistakes and failures.  This gift brings joys and celebrations.  Love allows us to forgive and be forgiven. It clarifies our vision and permits us to see beyond the superficial and the imperfect.

Love rolls in like thunder or in the whisper of a breeze. Love is not always a walk in the park: it can be messy, confusing, complicated, or unrequited even.  Not to worry though, it can also warm, comfort and inspire us in its soft, gentle ways.

Love (the risk of) scares us, love heals us.

Love can be found in all types of relationships from friends, to family, to lovers, to partners.  All love begins at a young age and flourishes until society shoves its ugliness in our faces.  We must work daily to fight off the hate.  Never forget that love is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal.

If someone annoys you, wrongs you or hurts you, do you automatically fall out of love with him or her?  If so, it was never true love.  Love must be nurtured and cared for and never taken for granted.  It’s not to be taken lightly or rolled up in a ball and discarded like garbage at the first argument or disagreement.  It’s not to be thrown away even with many major issues.  If the love is strong enough, it will help overcome most anything.  You may need to dig deep, but if you’re committed to loving, it will help you to rise from the ashes.

Love is patient, kind, and beautiful. It can crush egos, heal souls, and bind hearts together. It’s compassionate, magnificent, wondrous.

Whether you believe in God, universal energy/higher power, or simply in goodness, know that we all have been given the gift of the greatest force on this planet.  Use it for good, healing and peace.

Take time to find your own gift if you feel you’ve lost it along the way.  We cannot let the evils of society pull us any further into darkness.

I send to you the biggest hug with much light and love—share it with those you meet.  This is a great example of when re-gifting is a wonderful thing!

❤️ Be love, give love,