Don’t Carry Hate in Your Heart

Don’t carry hate in your heart,
Listen, learn, empathize, understand
You don’t have to agree, it’s true,
But I know you are hurting; melancholy blue.

Things happen for reasons—we don’t always know why,
Choices made to fill a void, take a risk; aching to fly.

Decisions can backfire like a worn pickup truck,
Dazed and confused, fresh out of luck.
Guilt sets in and so does shame,
Guilt motivates us, shame carries pain.

We must not be weighed down in the muck and mire
Instead choosing to live in the truth—no situation so dire.
Overcome heartaches, hurts and pain
Lessons learned, feelings mended; we can now dance joyfully in spite of the rain.

Don’t carry hate in your heart,
Communicate, listen, create a new start,
Forgiveness, mercy, understanding and grace
All will come together in love, if your troubles you’ll face.

Karen Sellers 12/4/18

Don’t Carry Hate in Your Heart