My Wish For You

Fifty three! That’s quite a few rotations around the sun, but I believe life just continues to get better with age.  It might have been my birthday yesterday, my wishes, however, are all about YOU!


I hope this year brings you at least one thing that you have been longing for.  You know, those desires that seem so far-fetched or absolutely unattainable—I wish that for you.

May you find your true passion—at work, at home, in creativity, in love.  Once you uncover it, have the courage to act upon those things that ignite your soul so that you truly live life.

I hope you aspire to inspire others through your actions, your creations, your highs and lows—your story!

May you find happiness and joyful moments daily.

I wish that you are the recipient of many acts of kindness.  In return, may your eyes, ears and hearts always be open to notice all the little ways you may have previously missed where opportunities to spread compassion and kindness exist.

May this be the year you satisfy your cravings.  Whether it be to climb out of a rut, experience new foods, get back to the gym, find a new job….find your brave and get to it!

I hope you receive all of the love for which you yearn.  It can be from a friend, a family member, a partner or potential spouse.  If your relationship is struggling, may you find ways to rekindle the spark and romance; all of the things that made you fall in love in the first place. If there are irrevocable issues, may you remember the love you once had and find amicable solutions.  Sometimes, the greatest act of love, is letting someone go.

I wish for healing of mind, body, heart, soul or spirit; for any and all things that are hurting or harming you.

Most of all, I wish for each of you to know how much value you bring to this world.  May you know you are enough, that you are worthy of all things good.

My Wish For You

My birthday wishes for you are peace, laughter, health, love and abundant blessings!