Feeling guilty? Honestly, only for about 3 minutes! Most household chores completed, business tasks on point, and appointments set.  When I knew school would be cancelled today, I worked to get many tasks out-of-the-way yesterday.  This morning, I did manage to make coffee and oatmeal, listen to a podcast and obviously, I’m writing now. So there is some productivity happening 🤭😬😉!

Now it’s now 2:30 p.m. and I am still in my pajamas and fuzzy socks.  Feeling guilty? Nope, not one bit! A little planning and preparation is all it takes.  After a quick break to put the pot roast (the best cold weather comfort food ever in my opinion) in the oven, I’m back under the blanket to watch a little Netflix and work on writing and graphics.Feeling guilty

So, my question of the day:  why do we (especially women, and if we have children, oh no, it ramps up significantly), feel so guilty if we take time for ourselves?

Everyone writes articles, blog posts, and books about self-care and it’s importance to our mental and physical health.  Yet so often, we still end up feeling like less of a woman or mom for doing so.  We struggle endlessly, albeit needlessly, with that guilt and shame thing.  I decided “Not today, Karen, not today!” 😂😃🙃❤️

Before the weekend, I challenge you to find your “lazy but oh so satisfying” moment.  As much as a whole day would be great, I am realistic: aim for 1-3 full hours!  Nap, read, write, craft, sit in a dark room with music or silence. Don’t wash your hair, go makeup free…whatever it is that gets you in to your most calm, relaxed, refreshed state.  The biggest goal in this challenge:  there will be NO feelings of guilt or shame!  None!  Zip!  Nada! Zilch! Zero!

Let me know how you do by answering the following:

  1. How much time did you devote to your “lazy” moment?
  2. What did you do to relax?
  3. How did you feel during and after?

Feeling guilty?  Let’s hear a resounding “ Not today, Karen! Not today!”

❤️~ Karen