Perspective Shifting: Dialogue.  We know that the world needs more love and that will always be a recurring topic on this blog.  First, however, we need dynamic dialogue.  We need to be brave and have conversations that matter.  We need engaging, respectful, intimate conversations; ones that aren’t filled with bullying, hate, and lies.

Our Current Dialogue

We spend days on end arguing, fighting, and disrespecting on everything from haircuts to religion, guns to politics, parenting styles to sexual orientation and everything in between.

People are suffering from physical and mental illness, drug and other addictions, depression, poverty, and abuse.  Others are dying daily from things over which they have no control.  There has to be better, tougher, yet more loving dialogue happening.

Parents are burying their little children because of cancer, suicides and even the flu.  They had so little time on earth.  Of course, they left their mark on the hearts of their families, but not necessarily enough time to make an impact on the world.  Maybe the one with the messy hair today will make a brilliant scientific discovery.  Maybe the shy, socially awkward child will be a great educator or leader of tomorrow.  Perhaps the one who has cancer today will find the cure tomorrow.

We must listen to and talk WITH our children and NOT AT them as they have much to teach us.  They see a world full of hope and joy, until society and the schools get a hold of them; everything sure changes at that point.  We need stronger dialogue with our children and with those who set the rules, the studies, and determine how are children are educated.

Perspective Shift

It’s okay to disagree, debate, and argue.  There are many thoughts, ideas, and perspectives to consider and by having strong conversations, our eyes, minds and hearts can be opened.  Engaging dialogue fosters community and a culture where we seek to gain wisdom and understanding, and where collaboration can take us to new heights and a better world.

The time is now to stop bashing and bullying. It’s time to stop the hate.  We need to step up and be the best versions of ourselves; which includes being open to other perspectives and ideas.  It’s time that we remove the ugly, negative, hateful thoughts from our own heads so that the positive, light-fueled energy flows through us and out into the world.

It’s time to speak up about our feelings and how the actions of others have impacted us.  We each have a right to be heard and understood. This can be achieved by assertiveness.  Assertiveness does not mean we speak rudely, or by yelling or speaking over others.  Think about what you do when people speak like this—I bet you tune them out immediately.  There’s nothing wrong with setting ground rules or boundaries within a conversation.  Respect, and kindness get us further than anger.

We Can Do These Things Easily

  • Put aside ego
  • Listen to understand
  • Practice empathy & compassion daily
  • Lead by positive example and action; not out of fear or need for power
  • Find your brave and have the conversations you KNOW you should be having
  • Talk to a stranger
  • Spend time with the elderly and small children
  • Get involved in your community or a cause that is important to you—one person CAN make a difference
  • Get to know someone of a different race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Work together, not against

Dr. Brene Brown reminds us of the following.  These are actions we can certainly take immediately.  It may be a tough question, but let me pose this:  If you died today, what were your last thoughts, your last words?  What was the last conversation you had?  Were they words of love, understanding, respect, patience, wisdom or were they words of anger and hate?  Let’s begin today with a perspective shift to positive, engaging, meaningful dialogue!Perspective Shift Dialogue



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