To the women in my life, I am grateful for each of you.  You have each touched my life in some way; sometimes joys, sometimes laughter, sometimes sadness, sometimes anger, but always lessons, blessings and inspiration.

Confident Women

Steve Maraboli tells us, “You are a beautiful creation…perfectly imperfect…a work in progress…you have everything you need to fulfill your purpose…don’t dilute yourself for any person or any reason…you are enough…be unapologetically you.”

On this International Woman’s Day, I am grateful for:

♥️ The women who challenged me and called me out on my b.s.

♥️ The women who love to laugh, aren’t afraid to be silly and who spread light & joy wherever they go (oh, and love some wine! 😉🍷)

♥️ The women who listen to my endless stories, hopes and fears

♥️ The women who trust me with their most intimate secrets, fears, pasts, and truths

♥️ The women who support me and other women

♥️ The women who said no to me

♥️ The women who hurt me, lied to me, withheld information, who bullied me, who stabbed me in the back, who threw me under the bus, who stopped talking…

Beautiful you


♥️ The women who love me unconditionally and allow me to love them

♥️ The women who forgave me and who accepted my forgiveness

♥️ The women who gave me opportunities

♥️ The women who inspire me through their stories, survival, scars and actions

♥️ The women who have overcome fears, found their strength and courage

♥️ The women who support this blog, my art, my dreams

♥️ The women who get up each day, even if it’s hard to do

Badass women

♥️ The women who have careers, the stay at home moms, those who work and have children, you all rock

♥️ The women who are stepmoms, foster moms, fur-baby moms, mentors and leaders

♥️ The women who fight for their children especially when there is bullying, illnesses, injustices

Warrior woman

♥️ The women who have unimaginable strength and who have survived the unthinkable (abuse, loss of a child, addictions, etc.)

♥️ The women who know their worth and for those learning

♥️ The women who are igniting the fire in their souls and pursuing their passions

Your story

I thank you.  I’m honored to know you. I’m so grateful for you. You are blessings to me; you inspire me!

I love each of you! ♥️

Goddess Woman