Angel or pure luck?  I’ll let you decide!  For this story, let’s go back to winter of 2005.  Picture in your mind the ground covered with 3-4 inches of fresh powdery snow.  It’s so new, nothing had been shoveled.  I pull into the gravel driveway to pick up my (almost 3-year-old) son from his sitter.  Within a few minutes, I would witness something that still leaves me speechless and a bit perplexed (even though I know my answer to the question asked).

As I opened the front door, he was ready to go, and he dashed out of the door before I could grab his hand.  He took off running, laughing all the way.  I stood in horror, realizing he is not remembering that there are three concrete steps leading to the gravel driveway.  I didn’t want to yell and scare him.  He was too far away from me to catch him in time and the snow certainly was cause for concern in keeping my balance.  So, what’s a nervous mom to do?

I said a speedy prayer.

I saw him take the next step, the one might potentially lead to disaster.  The step that may result in broken bones, a head injury, or worse.  In my opinion, what I witnessed next was nothing short of a mini miracle.  You know that feeling when everything is happening so quickly yet you are viewing in slow motion–so much is running through your brain at rapid fire speed, yet the picture is like a dream.

It was though two hands picked him up and set him down gently on his behind.  There was no stumble, no crazy, slipping legs like the Keystone Cops (I just dated myself lol), no scream, no tumbling head over heels. Nothing more simple, but oh so powerful, than a gentle scoop and sweetly setting him down completely safe and unharmed.  He was just looking around with an expression of ‘hey, what’s happening”.

In my stunned state, I looked back toward the door and the babysitter and her mother stood white as sheets and with jaws almost to the floor.  I asked, “Did you see what I just saw?”  They nodded yes and came outside.  Before I could say anything, the sitter said, “It’s like he was picked up and put down by an invisible set of hands.”  Her mom shook her head in agreement.  Angel or pure luck?

I got him buckled into his seat, and as I sat behind the wheel, I said a prayer of thanks.  Just a simple, genuine prayer of thanks.

I need to give you this information:

  • My son is named after my cousin who passed away in 1986 at 11 years old; as a youngster, my son resembled him a bit
  • My grandmother passed away earlier that year; they were very close

So, angel or pure luck?  What’s your take?  You might easily be able to guess my answer…

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