Finding love:

Love is not all hearts and flowers although those things are nice

Instead, love is work, commitment, loyalty, honesty; damn, loving can be hard

Love is found in the wrinkle of a brow, the twinkle of the eyeFinding Love

It’s found in the “be careful” or “call me when you get home” text

Perhaps it’s the note in lipstick on the mirror

Love is the curve of her hips, the warmth of her smile, the soft, squishy flesh

Love is found in his comforting hug, the tenderness of a caress, the naughty little smirk he gives

Love is when you’re at wits end whether home with kids or after hours at the office and you hear “Welcome home!”

Love is “Honey, I’ll make dinner or take the kids to the park, you take a nap”

It must rise above grief, in stress, in strife; it’s found in anger, struggle and disappointment–you know, when we need love the most

Finding love is not just romantic love; it’s love of family, friendships, church and with our neighbors

It’s sitting in silence but not alone; it’s found in a giggle or a roaring guffaw

Love appears in our silliest of moments and those of great concern

Finding love involves such simple steps; we humans make it so gosh darn hard

  • Love yourself first; you are beautifully, wonderfully made
  • Never accept less; you deserve all of the different types of love that there are
  • Never lose sight of the love even in anger, fear, stress and sadness
  • Be the love you wish to receive
  • Love without expectation, love without condition
  • Spread love each day whether through a smile, a hug, a kind word, helping someone else
  • Give someone your full attention
  • Forgive, forgive, forgive
  • Don’t use or manipulate another’s love
  • Live a life of love

Finding love can be a twisty, awkward journey, but once it’s part our lives, we are forever blessed.