Oh, the days the chaos is out of hand!  A little chaos (Comfort in Chaos) can be good as it gets our creative juices flowing, holds us accountable for finishing projects and can even lead to many laughs and silly fun.  However, on those days you want to run for the hills screaming or just hide away from it all, creating cozy spaces is critical to maintaining our peace of mind.  We all need a little escape now and then & we can’t always take a vacation or even a weekend getaway.  And, while those experiences are wonderful, wouldn’t it be nice to have our personal space 365 days a year?  Whether that’s a full blown she-shed or man cave, or simply a little corner tucked away, it’s a space we can call our own.

Of course, we can get extravagant and build a decked out shed, cave or a whole room in our home, but that’s not always realistic.  There are ways to create little nooks that speak to our hearts, minds and souls; a space that is warm, inviting, comforting and relaxing.  (Well, maybe not too comfortable or you’ll never want to leave!)

Creating cozy spaces does not require us to have extreme carpentry skills, nor do we have to break the bank.  Much of the stuff you need is probably already in your home.  Don’t let me stop you from going on a little shopping spree however!  I love all things new (new to me, that is).  You can find things at a bargain store just as easy as at a high-end retailer without going broke in the process.

Choose a Space

Once that is complete, you can get started.  Some things to consider:

  • Do want bold and vibrant or soft and muted tones?
  • Do you like the minimal look or do you like comfortable and lived in–with more “stuff”?
  • What treasures do you wish to include:
    • Art
    • creating cozy spacesPlants
    • Blankets and pillows
    • One chair or multiple seating spaces
    • Candles & lighting
    • Books/bookshelves
    • Journals
    • Desk
    • Music source
    • Will you allow for electronics or is it an “Online Free” zone?
    • Storage spaces

Anything goes–there are no rules here.  All that matters is that it speaks to YOU and your needs.

creating cozy spaces


You can hit up Amazon, Etsy, Wayfair etc.  You can visit the brick and mortar stores.  But, what about the local flea markets and garage sales that are in full swing with the nicer weather on tap.  While you’re out, make sure to check out the local antique shops as well.  Don’t rule out hobby & craft stores either.  You can find blankets and pillows, fabric, curtains, old crates, vintage vases, tins and picture frames.  Re-purposing items is fun, helps the environment and provides a sense of accomplishment.

Oh, by the way, don’t forget to check around the house.  You might be surprised what you find just laying around.

  • Tin cans or mason jars look great with a raffia bow, some burlap or lace glued on or just some simple ribbon or string
  • Coffee mugs (who doesn’t have a bazillion of those) make great vases when an ordinary vase just won’t do
  • If you’re like me, there are already plenty of candles around; no need to spend money just yet
  • Extra blankets and pillows are always around as well
  • Photos–if you don’t have any extra laying around, it’s easy with today’s technology to take a great pic (use a photo service at a retail store or online like Snapfish), get a few different sized prints, fill up the walls and frames with art you created!
  • Books, magazines
  • Paint, glue, fabric, other odds and ends to create your own personalized artwork creating cozy spaces

The Extras

Don’t forget your favorite necessities to wrap up the look and feel.

  • Your favorite mug(s)
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Wine glasses, wine, bottle opener, snacks
  • Extra pair of reading glasses
  • Anything else to make it feel like “YOU”

Creating cozy spaces can be just what our hearts, minds, body and soul needs to get back our calm and peace; to certain ourselves again.  I would love to see your current “cozy space” or if you are going to create one, share your before and after pics.  Have fun and enjoy your calming space.

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  1. Loving your article. It is indeed true that we must all have a little nook where we can just cleanse our thoughts and feel totally at peace. I am not yet done decorating my little haven and I will follow your tips. 🙂

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