Relationship Goals don’t have to be ultra complicated.  I will say, I do recommend having a list; whether written or in your head.  You know, those absolute non-negotiable items such as the importance of conversations & the ability to communicate, honesty, respect, a sense of humor and whatever else is of the utmost importance to you.

Do NOT make this list full of expected things that no one could possibly live up to.  There’s no Mr. or Ms. Perfect.  What does matter is that you are perfect for each other.  These goals should be attached to all relationships, not just a potential spouse or long-term partner.  It’s also important in the friendships we cherish, the business relationships we establish and with our family.


The relationships we build in our lives often grow slowly as we take time to learn about that person.  It’s important to establish a rapport and a trust, boundaries and cultivation of these bonds. Only then do we feel confident in sharing our true selves with each other.  These things all take time.  However, let me pose this question to get your minds and perspective shifting gears in place:  what happens when you meet someone and instantly click with him or her? It feels as if you have known them forever. Your comfort and trust is there from the beginning and you can talk with them about any topic.  You realize that you can’t stop talking, listening and sharing. You want to talk to them often and for hours on end (or at least as often as practical).

But, instead, you feel as if you should hold back and not disclose too much; isn’t that what society tells us to do–don’t share too much because they may use it against you?  I say let’s buck the system.  You just might find that if you do open up and take that leap of faith, you could be developing one of the best relationships ever.  For me, as I age, grow and truly get in touch with my own soul, I find myself craving soul mates and not just a life partner.  Indeed, my relationship goals have shifted.

Soul Mates

Soul mates are friends, family, acquaintances and many times, not your spouse or life partner. They may be in your life for the most brief period of time, but if you’re lucky, they may be on a similar journey as you and will walk with you through the ups and downs, joys and sorrows and other lessons life has to offer.

Soul mates are aligned with us, they challenge us, they awaken us to a higher consciousness and awareness of the universe around us. These relationships can be very intense as the more open our hearts and minds are to receiving the positive energy of others, the stronger the pull is toward each other.

It took quite awhile, but once I connected with my own soul, heart and mind on a deeper level, the floodgates opened.  It is said that once you are aligned with your true self, you are instantly in the vibration of meeting your soul mate(s).

I have been blessed many times over with quite a few soul mates in my life. I didn’t always appreciate their presence until I got older and learned a few life lessons. I consider my best girlfriends soul mates.  I consider my BFF as my soul mate (he and I continue to learn much in life).  I consider a few people who have only entered my life briefly as soul mates–they taught me a lesson and when completed, they moved on.

Goals Met

Over the past few years (and surprisingly {or maybe not}, many met online) I have gotten to know a few people that have caused me to just sit back and say “wow”; simply marveling at the power of the universe. Don’t let fear hold you back.  With these people there is:

— a deep, sometimes spiritual connection; like we have known each other forever

— flashback moments as though we have been here before

— opened mindedness, open hearts, similar ways of thinking; we just get each other

— a sharing of similar likes and tastes and well as similar faults and challenges in life

— a connection that is so intense it almost seems unreal or even scary

— a feeling of being completely in sync even though we are never in the same place at the same time

— often feeling and knowing what the other is thinking; connected through thoughts and actions

— an intense emotional attachment; causing us to challenge each other and bring out things in each of us we didn’t know existed

— a feeling that we aren’t sure where the road will lead or how long we will be in each other’s life; we just know it’s where we are meant to be right now.

Step Outside the Box–Goal Shifting

There is a mutual understanding, a respect for both our similarities and our differences, a desire to learn all about each other in our quest to grow and experience as much of life as we can, a need to be in each other’s lives in some way…a feeling of being home.

No matter where the journey takes us and no matter how short or long the trip is, I hope they know how much their presence is valued and that I truly love everything about our soul mate relationships.

I wish for each of you, my friends, that you take time to fine-tune your relationship goals and find your soul mates.  Once found, make certain to treasure all that those relationships have to offer!

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  1. I adore this post, and believe you’re spot on. I spent years searching for perfection, and making lists of the qualities and characteristics that I wanted in a partner. I’m yet to meet a romantic partner that I’m truly in sync with, but I’ve certainly found profound connections with friends. x

    • Thank you. I’ve been married and in long term relationships and I still haven’t found the one I’m totally in sync with either. I’m glad you found those other connections. I love the soul mate connections I have that bring joy and a deep sense of fulfillment in my life. I hope everyone is blessed enough to find those who impact life in such a positive way!

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