I was in the studio putting the finishing touches on my crafts for a show tomorrow.  It was warm and I wasn’t really feeling it.  I packed up my items and was going to head out when I decided to close my eyes for a few minutes.  Maybe it was the heat, maybe simply searching for a spark of something…anything.  Upon opening my eyes, there was the blank white canvas–silently calling for color.  I slowly opened a bin of acrylics and it was though magic (or something divine) intervened because the pile of colors, the perfect colors, just appeared there together.  Brush Strokes!

While I call myself an artist, I have never used the title of painter.  I don’t feel I have earned that yet.  I’ve never taken a class unless endless YouTube videos count.  I need a lot of practice before I would accept that title.  Artist though, is a beautiful word.  It encompasses any creative medium and it doesn’t really care if you are a novice or have been working at your craft for 50 years.  An artist is a painter, a writer, a craft maker, a poet, an actor.  One can work with oils, acrylics, pen & ink or laptop.  Your canvas can be standard or the side of a building.  Someone can write a song, a poem, a novel, a letter.  You can sculpt, mold, pour, or splatter.  The world is a canvas and the colors, mediums and outlets are endless.

Brush Strokes.  They both calm me and ignite a passionate spark in my soul.  Mesmerized by the visual of the brush guiding through the paint; sleek, silky, satiny.  The colors disturbed as they blend together–a mix of fire & fury, tranquility and serenity.  Although most of my creations end up sold and out of my color-stained hands, this is my self-care.

I enter this world blindly at times, frustrated that I can’t “see” an end result.  Wait…wait for it.  There it is, a spark, a wickedly good color combination, the right words, the right notes, the right…everything!  When it all comes together so perfectly, it’s almost a high.  You might even say sensual or sexy.  I wonder if other artists feel this way.  If you would like to share how creativity moves you, please leave a comment. The painting also needs a title so I’m open to suggestions!

Brush Strokes!

Brush Strokes

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  1. “Frustrated that i can’t see the end result” i love that you said that, i know that when painting it takes time and patience for it all to come to perfection just like life, it takes time and some time the wait period can be so frustrating because we can’t see what the end is going to be but what i take from this blog is that It will come,

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