coffee shops, hugs and wildflowers
Liquid Gold

Coffee shops, hugs and wildflowers make me happy.  It’s within that place, those arms and in those fields that my body and soul play catch up. Moments of peace, relaxation, exhilaration, laughter, smiles, and pure joy are tasted, felt and seen.  Liquid Gold in a mug is bliss.  The arms of a best friend, a family member, a partner or lover can provide a source of comfort, a welcome home, a show of support, or a prelude to a sensual union.  Explosions of color are a veritable feast for the eyes, nose, brain and heart.  As they turn towards the sunlight, I find myself turning toward the sun as well.  Whether for 5 minutes or 5 hours, the chaos calms, the shoulders aren’t so tight, and the eyes, ears, heart are open and a connection with the universe is made.

Coffee Shops

coffee shops, hugs and wildflowers“Coffee is like life in a cup.  It’s bitter, it’s sweet, It can get dark, can also be light, can be strong, even maybe not.  But there is nothing like the essence of it.”  ~ Mr. Smarty Pants

My favorite coffee shops have gently worn wooden tables, mismatched mugs and plates, country decor and maybe even a fireplace.  People are actually talking and not staring into their phones.  Others are reading or simply enjoying the surroundings while enjoying the oh so bold and brilliant taste of a beverage not served in a paper or styrofoam cup.

Despite the low buzz of noise and the flurry of activity, there is a sense of calm and peace in the air.  Can you see, hear and feel the atmosphere too?  I need to make a visit this week.


“I believe only in what I can touch, kiss or hug. The rest is merely smoke”.  ~ Edward Paul Abbey

Healthy human touch is something we crave and desire.  Holding hands, a soft stroke of the cheek, a passionate kiss are all wonderful ways to show support and love.  A hug really is the best.  They can be friendly, supportive, comforting, or sensual or bittersweet.  (They can also be uncomfortable as well but that’s a topic for a different article).  Think about some of the hugs you’ve experienced; are you smiling? Perhaps you are even shedding a tear as you remember a hug from someone no longer in your life or no longer alive.  The memory may be temporarily sad, but I would bet that those tears may turn into joy and warmth, just like wrapping yourself in a blanket on a chilly day.

coffee shops, hugs and wildflowers
Photo Credit: Pexels

There are different types of hugs and countless articles that describe what they each mean.  You can check these out for additional information Meaning of Hugs and A Guide to Hugging.  As I type, I am remembering some of the most beautiful hugs I have received:  I smile and it brings me joy!


Have you ever walked through a field of wildflowers or perhaps even have them planted in your garden/yard?  The bright reds, the golden yellows, the brilliant purples, the crimsons, blues and oranges boldly begging for us to come closer.  They sway in the breeze, and are abuzz with bees and butterflies.  A stunning, visual delight unlike any other.  Wait…surprise–up pops a random sunflower.  I can’t help but become giddy with glee! I need to visit a few places before summer ends.  

Joy, comfort, bliss, glee, relaxation, peace…can all be obtained in the most simple of ways.  Coffee shops, hugs and wildflowers do it for me.  What are the things that bring you joy?