Always seeking:  I don’t know about you, but its taken a long time for me to learn and find the courage to ask for what I need and deserve.    Today, I AM a seeker of:

soulmates–those with whom there is a connection so deep, the energy created is palpable.  This connection has been predetermined by the universe long before any meeting takes place. It doesn’t matter how we meet or how long we are a part of each other’s lives, I simply crave and need these relationships in my life.  Do you believe that soulmates are only spouses or long-term partners?  To me, they can be anyone:  young, old, male, female, a partner, spouse or friend.

The common trait each soulmate has, is the ability to come into our lives and shake things up.  These are the people that help us to shift perspective, to see that there are other ways to look at and process situations.  They are there to call us out on our own b.s. and help hold ourselves accountable.  They are there to celebrate the highest of highs and comfort us in our lowest of lows.  We need these people!

intimacy–from these connections, I seek intimacy, not the superficial. A dear friend of mine has a favorite definition of intimacy and it is the best, most honest one I have heard: “In to me, I let you see.”  It’s perfect! To achieve any form of intimacy (emotional, friendships, romance, sexual), we must allow ourselves to be raw, vulnerable and authentic. We must have the courage to let down the walls we built due to prior hurts and pain and further open our hearts to let love (any type of love) and light return. When we embrace my vulnerability and we are the light we seek and we are the love we crave, we will receive the intimacy we desire.

We must also understand that intimacy doesn’t just mean something sexual.  Of course, that is a huge part of our lives and physically, most people desire that type of connection.  Intimacy is so much more than sex;  it’s a deep, to the core  soul relationship.

adventure–this doesn’t mean I want to climb Mt. Everest, it simply means I don’t want to settle for boredom, routine, or mediocrity. I want spontaneous picnics, cooking/laughing/dancing in the kitchen, weekend getaways, exploring new foods, new towns and meeting new people with diverse backgrounds.  I want no regrets on my deathbed.

grace & mercy–as a woman of faith, I know I am blessed with these gifts because my God is slow to anger and loves me beyond anything I can comprehend. I seek these gifts by living the best life I can and by allowing His presence to walk with me always.

forgiveness–I seek forgiveness for wrongs I have perpetrated against other by being accountable, remorseful and by making amends.  I seek the wisdom, love and an open heart to forgive those who hurt me. Carrying grudges, hurts, anger and hate causes us to slowly die inside. I choose not to live in this way.

laughter–there are plenty of times to be serious; I crave those who love and live to laugh. I desire to surround myself with those who don’t take life or themselves too seriously. A sense of humor is vital to getting through life and quite frankly, I find it downright sexy!

sexy–I desire to be around those who are confident in themselves and in their bodies. They aren’t hung up on the size and shape of themselves or others but instead appreciate the personality, heart and soul of those around them. I desire sexy food; well made, sometimes simple, sometime exotic and people who enjoy the entire meal experience.

light & positive energy–those who naturally possess these qualities that are in sync with mine. Those that understand that I will be there for them when they fall into darkness and I need the same. It’s only when we understand the darkness of others that we are worthy of sharing in their beautiful light. Our light is meant to be shared with those who never left us alone in the dark.

courage–to let things go that no longer serve my purpose. To accept what is, to learn the lesson, to lose fear, to walk in confident authenticity and truth.

love–to be the love I seek; to love those around me even when difficult to do so; to have the love that doesn’t demand me to prove my worth. It’s a natural connection where my soul recognizes a feeling of home in another. A love that is simple and free-flowing. It allows us to be ourselves without question, without condition.

What are you seeking?

Originally posted 2016