A Simple Conversation is all that is needed but often we make it so difficult.  Sometimes, it seems easier to strike up a conversation with a stranger rather than having a conversation with those closest to us.  Silence between family members and friends can be the result of assumptions, hearsay, anger, hurt, confusion, misunderstandings and more.  Stewing about them without resolution only makes matters worse.  We may talk about the problem (real or perceived) with strangers or other friends or family but we, at times, avoid communicating with those directly involved.  This leads to more confusion and contributes to the communication dysfunction problem so prevalent in our world today.

A Simple Conversation

Hello!  How are you?  What do you do?

Two hours later, you’ve made a new friend

Topics A-Z, the conversation has no end.

Why is it often easier to converse with strangers,

Yet we struggle to speak with those closest to us.

Do we take for granted, do we not trust?

Are we simply too busy; we just do not care;

Whatever the reason, it’s all quite unjust.

Tell them your hopes, your dreams,

Tell them your fears, your truths, plans and schemes.

Don’t forget to listen, that is vital too

A new friend made, a relationship renewed

simply by conversation, perhaps right out of the blue.

A simple conversation is what we so desperately need.

Strong communication is getting lost in the fray,

Whether with a stranger or loved one, start one today!

Communicate to Rebuild

As we enter into the holiday season, we may want to consider rebuilding (as appropriate).  At the end of the day, there are relationships that are quite valuable.  If a friend or family member to whom you haven’t spoken with in months or years were to suddenly depart this earth today or tomorrow, would you have regret that a minor misunderstanding or assumption kept you from speaking with them for a long period of time?  Would you regret that you didn’t get to share milestone moments with him or her?  Would you regret that your children didn’t get to grow up together?  If so, take the first step and reach out.  It doesn’t matter where the problem began.  If someone hurt you, let them know (they may not even realize what they have done, or you may have misunderstood or assumed something that just isn’t true).  Communicate by speaking and listening with your full attention.  Work through the issues, come to an understanding/resolution.  Find peace with the situation and in your heart, mind and soul.  Forgive.  Recognize the blessing of the moment. Rebuild.  Renew.  Rejoice!