Weekend in Photos
Photo: Karen Sellers

The 48 Hour Challenge–Capture the Weekend in Photos! Are you searching for a new way to relax? Maybe you’re just tired of being in the same place all the time. At this point, the days seem to run together and it can be hard to look forward to a weekend anymore. On a bright note, we can get out to exercise and in some areas, things are beginning to open. So, let’s celebrate the small wins while helping to calm the chaos of our minds, bodies and souls. Capture your Weekend in Photos!

Nature has profound healing powers. Whether you’re sitting in your backyard, visiting a town or city, having fun at the park or finding new trails to explore, beauty is exploding all around us. While in your favorite spot, take time to breathe. In through the nose, exhale through the mouth. With each exhale, rid your body & mind of negative energy, toxic behaviors, guilt, shame and anything else weighing you down.

Weekend in Photos
Photo: Karen Sellers

Spend a few minutes with your eyes closed, shutting out the chaos and taking time to focus solely on your breathing. Feel your shoulders relaxing, your mind easing and your heart opening.

Begin to hear the spring songs of the birds (my son and I tried to count all the different ones we could hear while enjoying breakfast outside). Take in the other sounds of the season: children laughing, the whir of the mower, dogs barking, the squeak of the swing, the crunch of branches under your feet…

Let your eyes see all of the colors–explore a leaf or flower up close and personal.  Capture the images in photos. Create memories that you can use later to relax during stressful times.

Smell the flowers. Inhale the scent of the fleshly mowed grass, the tilled earth, the new growth.

Life is all about balance. You don’t always need to be getting stuff done.  Sometimes it’s perfectly okay and absolutely necessary to shut down, kick back, and do nothing. — Lori Deschene

Weekend in Photos!

Remember to take an outdoor photo or two this weekend. Let me know why it’s so special to you. On Tuesday, May 26th, I will share your work in a new post (In your email, let me know how you wish to be credited: initials, first name only, full name, or pen-name.)

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It’s within the quiet places that we find ourselves. While enjoying the beauty around us, remember:

The earth has music for those who listen. — William Shakespeare