We read about it, watch news stories, perhaps listen to a podcast or hear about it from our doctors.  Certainly, there is no doubt that being outside is good for the mind, body & soul. Even if you’re not the outdoorsy type or you have negative effects from the sun, heat, humidity, allergies or cold temps, there’s always a way to experience even five-ten minutes of daily outside activity.

Just like when our homes need to be aired out when the windows have been shut for the winter (or summer depending on your location), our bodies need to shake off the cobwebs and grab some much needed vitamin D. Take an early morning walk or sit on the porch with your favorite beverage. Run in the park or take a leisurely stroll. Play a sport or sit on the sidelines. Whatever you choose, try to get in some time with nature each day.

This article from the University of Minnesota’s Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing explains how nature helps us to heal. Another article from Greater Good Magazine describes how nature can make us kinder, happier and more creative. I don’t know about you, but I’m always game for that! If you need just one more bit of proof, here’s a short post about the trip my son & I took to Sedona & the Grand Canyon. They were some of the most beautiful, stress-free, glorious days I’ve ever had (my son will say “Yes” to this too). Be sure to check out the video at the end of the post!

The Weekend Challenge

Peaceful Garden Photos by: KG
Pops of Backyard Color Photos by: Karen Sellers

In my last post, I challenged friends, family, and followers to capture some of their moments with nature–they did not disappoint. They’re all in agreement that being outside is both good for relaxation and overall strong health. They each gave permission to share their pics with you and hope you enjoy! Take a look at some of beauty that’s all around us. I hope you find some inspiration (more so during this pandemic) to step outside of the house & find a little healing. (Video Credit: San Diego Sunset by DD)

Outside is Good for the Mind, Body & Soul!

Relaxing Space; Relaxing View Photos by: BP
outside good for the mind
Somewhere in the Great Western Desert Photos by: My Cool Desert Friend
Morcambe Bay Overlooking the Irish Sea Photos by: RG
A Backyard in the UK Photos by: MF
Man’s Best Friends Photos by: CC
Morning Glory Photo by: LE
Outside is Good for Mind, Body & Soul
Pink Isn’t Just for Wednesdays Photo by: HE
Somewhere in Texas Photos by: TG
Outside is Good for Mind, Body & Soul
The Serenity & Comedy of Nature Photos by: KD
Outdoors for the Mind, Body & Soul
The Colors of Camp Photos by: TB
Outside is Good for Mind, Body & Soul
View from My Favorite Chair Photos by: Karen Sellers
Outside is good for body
Daily Walk Photos by: CQ
Swinging Away the Stress in Northern CA Photo by: J
Old Glory Photo by: LM
Outside is Good
Beauty & the “Beast” Somewhere in Houston Photos by: JC
Outside is good for the mind, body & soul
Misty Morning Photos by: TB
Always a Great Day for Golf Photo by: MQ
Outside is good for the Mind, Body & Soul
Colors of Camp Photos by: TB
One with Nature Photo by: TJL

There are some great pics here–are you feeling the joy and peace yet?



I hope you’re able to get outside often. Just a few minutes of breathing in some fresh air, feeling the sun warm your body and let the sounds permeate your ears goes a long way. Ignore the stress, chaos and negative self-talk and just BE.


At the Fishin’ Hole Photo by: CC


Down South Photos by: SP

Okay, seriously–who doesn’t love a van Gogh house?

Repurposed Photo by: Karen Sellers

As Evening Falls–Healing Begins!

Sunset in the ‘Burgh Photo by: PCF
Skippin’ Stones Photo by: LE
Pink Skies Photo by: KD