Stop saying yes to:

  • people & things that no longer support your emotional and physical well-being
  • anything or anyone that insults your mind, heart, and soul
  • the things (and people) that suck the joy and life right out of you
  • those who don’t accept you for who you are
  • anyone that lies, manipulates, controls or abuses in any way

Stop saying yes to:

  • that which infringes on your time, freedom, and energy
  • things that you truly don’t want to attend or that don’t interest you
  • people that hold you back from living your best life
  • those who cross your boundaries without your permission

When you say yes to others, make sure you are not saying no to yourself. — Paul Coehlo

Stop saying yes to:

  • more tasks & projects that will do nothing but overwhelm
  • ideas, requests, or orders that go against your character, ethics and integrity
  • any person (or thing) that stresses you out
  • being used or taken advantage of
  • things that squash your drive, vision and passion

Stop saying yes to:

  • anything that leads you down a path of routine and mediocrity
  • something that impedes your priorities and journey
  • people who continually disrespect you
  • the opinions of others about you
  • instant gratification

There is absolutely no reason to feel any guilt or shame in saying, “I’m not able to commit to that right now”, or “I’m honored you have asked me, but my answer is no”.  You can also state, “I understand you really need my help, but I’m just not able to say yes to that”. (Check out Are You Living in a Cage? for more on this topic and when you might want to say yes.)

Another option, if you absolutely cannot say no, is, “No, I can’t do that, but here is what I can do…”

Finally, if you need a helpful way to say no, here are some suggestions:

  • I don’t want to say yes and then let you down
  • You caught me at a bad time, I’m going to have to say no
  • I’m just not comfortable with that
  • I can’t now, but ask me at another time
  • It’s just not right for me
  • I made a resolution to start saying no more often
  • I’d love to but just don’t have the time
  • Please cross me off your list

Reminder:  “No” is a complete sentence and one that does not require explanation or validation. Stand up and stop saying yes to anything or anyone that does not serve you and prevents you from living your best life!