Hello and Welcome to My Chaotic Brain!  I’m Karen and I’m here to share a little of the chaos (or those 100 open tabs) that goes on in my brain at any given time.  Chaos is not always a bad thing as it does open the doorway to creativity, asking a lot of questions, looking at the world through multiple perspectives, and always learning.

It’s hard to define my niche (as many will tell you is important in the blogging world), so I am choosing a combination of health (mind, body & soul), lifestyle (seeking adventures & joys in daily living) and communication (there is so much communication dysfunction in the world; we have to make this a priority to fix).

That said, you will find me writing about multiple topics but always at the core you will find Perspective, Communication and Authenticity.

While I do not have professional medical or counseling training, I have many life experiences of my own upon which to draw.  I have been in contact with many close-minded, “their way is the only way”, cold-hearted people practicing very toxic behaviors.  I refuse to allow their negative energy to permeate my soul.  Additionally, I also have amazing friends who have traveled the same worn path and have overcome the accompanying adversities.  From these experiences, I can share ways to shift our perspective and surround ourselves with light, positivity and love.

Let’s Go!