Conversation Starters

Sometimes it’s difficult to begin a conversation. Find some tips here when you need a little help.

Laughter is Best Medicine

Laughter is the Best Monday Medicine

Monday…not a lot of good things are associated with this day.  You can find many memes about dread, doom and gloom, and overall disdain for this day.  On the other hand, there are equally good motivational and inspiring quotes that aim to support us as we dive in and tackle the Monday Blues!  This morning, […]

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Conversation Starters 6.0

Time spent together around the table is vital to the connection and well-being of a family.  Don’t use the same old “yes/no” questions; really engage in meaningful dialogue! Check out Conversation Starters 6.0 below:

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Conversation Starters 5.0

Let’s talk about how we speak with one another. The first hurdle to overcome is not to spend a lot of time talking “to” someone rather speak “with” them. Some of the topics to be covered this week include: Demanding a service while simultaneously degrading those who provide it for us. Being passive aggressive with […]

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Pour a Cup & Sit a Spell

Pour a cup and sit with me Let’s talk about the birds and bees And all things in between Let’s talk until the break of dawn ’til we no longer have words to say Let’s sleep curled up safe and warm Let more words fill our dreams We wake, we kiss, we pour a cup […]

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Handwritten letters

Handwritten Letters: Keeping the Art Alive

Creating memories, a sense of caring, reduced stress, creativity booster, improved cognitive function, visual and auditory experiences, attention and focus drivers, tradition, timeless, tangible, personal, lovely, preservation:  all reasons to continue the art of a handwritten letter. These special moments created in the present will live on as treasured keepsakes for future generations to enjoy. […]

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A Simple Hello

Most of us just want to be seen and to be heard from time to time.  Don’t make people feel invisible.  A simple hello with a smile can truly make someone’s day.  You don’t know how much of a significant impact these seemingly small tasks may have on someone today.  It takes 2 seconds for […]

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