Family Communication

Dinner table, car rides, waiting in line…all great places to have a quality conversation

Conversation Starters 6.0

Time spent together around the table is vital to the connection and well-being of a family.  Don’t use the same old “yes/no” questions; really engage in meaningful dialogue! Check out Conversation Starters 6.0 below:

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Gratitude from the Heart

Gratitude (From the Heart of a Teen)

While my son was in between getting his braces off and waiting for retainers to be made, he was bored.  I told him he could contribute a guest post to the blog. At first, I thought this isn’t going to go over big, but I am pleasantly surprised.  I’m thinking that he will simply write […]

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Chats with Teens

Car Chats With the Teen

I might have mentioned it before, but some of my best conversations with my soon to be 16-year-old son are our car chats.  They may be only 5-7 minutes, they might be several hours.  All I aim for is quality; since most of the time; I am not his first choice of people to hang […]

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Parents: We Can’t Be Afraid of the Tough Conversations

Daughter shyly walks into the room and asks dad to take her to the store.  Dad agrees and on the way, she asks “Will you please come in with me, I need some personal items.”  Dad blushes and begins to fidget and squirm in his seat.  “What kind of items”, he asks? “Stuff, dad, stuff […]

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Talking with Teens

Trying to pin down a teen to have a conversation, sigh, some of you certainly know what I mean. Pulling teeth or catching a wet dog (or toddler) is often easier.  You get the sighs and the eye rolls and the look of utter dismay.  We parents must persist though as there are too many […]

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