Free Verse

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Don’t Carry Hate in Your Heart

Don’t Carry Hate in Your Heart Don’t carry hate in your heart, Listen, learn, empathize, understand You don’t have to agree, it’s true, But I know you are hurting; melancholy blue. Things happen for reasons—we don’t always know why, Choices made to fill a void, take a risk; aching to fly. Decisions can backfire like […]

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I have a fascination with the wonder known as light. I carry the light of Christ inside me, the Holy Spirit burns bright too.  Moonbeams dance on water, firelight warms me through. Sunbeams carry prayers up high and send God’s blessings down.  Starlight wishes give me hope, searchlights lead me home. Fireflies spark memories of […]

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The Gift of Love

“Love liberates, gives courage, allows you to rise from mistakes & failures; to celebrate the joys and successes.  Love allows you to forgive and be forgiven.  Love allows you to see beyond the superficial & imperfections.  Love is not easy, it takes work but is so worth it when you can embrace and be embraced […]

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