It’s Not Just A Song–Music that Touches our Souls

“Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones, and I will try to fix you…” (Coldplay) 2012 I heard the Straight No Chaser version live. 2013 I couldn’t listen to this song without turning into a sobbing, hot mess. 2014–new perspective: when I learn I am not broken. My behaviors, attitudes and thoughts might […]

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Something Died Today; Something Came Alive

It was heard in the voices of news anchors, crowds, and leaders, but most of all, in the voices of the 40. Hearing the replays of the news reports today brought me instantly back to that morning. That gorgeous September day when the world as we know it, changed forever.  I am sure you remember […]

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Sunday Reflections

Waking up to a chill in the air Taking that first sip of coffee as I sit outside being quiet and still The birds song, the dog bark, the rustle of the leaves, the water in the fountain, my heartbeat… Closing my eyes, absorbing nature and listening, listening for the whisper that calms my mind […]

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The Time Paradox

Time… The minutes tick by so slowly yet we move quickly We often want to stop time, go back in time, have more time Yet we waste so much precious time We think we have all the time There is never enough time. We have now– To make memories To make things right To have […]

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What We Accept As Okay is NOT Okay!

If ever a perspective shift is needed, it is in understanding and defining what constitutes abuse. Most often, we think of physical abuse as that is what gets the most publicity. But many are living in a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship as well. Perhaps you are the victim; perhaps you are the perpetrator–but today […]

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Seeing the Forest In Spite of the Trees

We are so bogged down with details in this day and age, it’s a wonder we accomplish anything of value.  Of course there are times when details and directions are critical, but everything in our daily lives doesn’t and shouldn’t need to be planned. We get so tied up in the minutia that we lose […]

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Wonder vs. Belief

Wonder vs. Belief:  “I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.” –Gary Spence In building relationships, understanding the human condition is critical. It’s not just our way that is right or important; we must put ourselves in their shoes. We need to see things from their perspective; to understand […]

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