Life in Pictures

Photos showing my world; especially my love of the skies!

Calm Chaos

2018 Calm The Chaos Photo Challenge

Sometimes, when needing to calm the chaos or tame (and conquer) our fears, we can find this comfort in the simplistic.  It maybe in certain colors, settings, patterns—really anything that gives us a sense of peace. Yellow always makes me happy and I like the patterns of the bowl and those created by the sun. […]

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That Which Illuminates My Soul

looking up and out awe, wonder, glory, majesty, peace, tranquility sometimes chaos, sometimes calm feeling both infinitesimally small and immensely powerful permission to withdrawal in comfort or explode into possibility; the skies guiding mood, heart and soul look up, look out and soar!

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November Sky

There are truly days that I wish I did nothing else but capture sunrises and sunsets!  May you all have a peaceful, relaxing weekend.                                                      kasphotos2017

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