Oh what a year!

Oh What a Year!

Oh what a year! On this last day of 2018 (and now into the early hours of 2019), I sit with a glass of wine, in my comfy pj’s and watching the final Hallmark Christmas movies. I also find myself struggling with what to put on paper.  There were plenty of good times and memories, […]

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Gratitude from the Heart

Gratitude (From the Heart of a Teen)

While my son was in between getting his braces off and waiting for retainers to be made, he was bored.  I told him he could contribute a guest post to the blog. At first, I thought this isn’t going to go over big, but I am pleasantly surprised.  I’m thinking that he will simply write […]

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Wow Liebster Award

Wow! Liebster Award Nomination

Wow! My blog is nominated for the Liebster Award!  This is a wonderful, completely unexpected surprise and, the fact that the nomination came while I am away on vacation, has just made this week even more perfect! I literally let out a scream when I received the message (scaring a few people in the process; but […]

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