I love you 17 day challenge

I Love You! 17 Day Challenge

I Love You! 17 Day Challenge! Saturday, October 28, 2018 my city of Pittsburgh was rocked by a crime of pure hate and evil. The quiet, welcoming neighborhood of Squirrel Hill experienced a day that no town should ever have to go through.  Each one of these incidents is heartbreaking, but when it happens in […]

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Rebel With A Cause

Conscious Awakening!  Rebel With (and for) A Cause!  A new day, a new challenge…Let me ask you, when you look in the mirror what do you see?  While not without fault or flaw, do you see genuine truth, strength, authenticity, integrity, hope, joy, fearlessness, faith, laughter, compassion, caring, beauty, light and love? Or, do you […]

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