Pour a Cup & Sit a Spell

Pour a cup and sit with me Let’s talk about the birds and bees And all things in between Let’s talk until the break of dawn ’til we no longer have words to say Let’s sleep curled up safe and warm Let more words fill our dreams We wake, we kiss, we pour a cup […]

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Woman #2 Wise Words

Dear Strong Woman: You aren’t intimidating, they are intimidated. There’s a difference! Someone shared this with me today and I believe it’s some of the best wisdom I have ever heard! You can apply this to dating, family, and friendships; simply change the pronouns. Those who truly care about you will never hold you back. […]

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Comfort in Chaos

I believe I have always been more comfortable in chaos:  it’s where creativity blooms, it’s raw, it’s authentic, it has flaws and therefore, it’s imperfectly perfect.  It’s a bit scary, and full of madness. This is where the fire of my soul is ignited and stoked. It is in the chaos that I can live […]

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The Time is Now; Roaring into 2017!

This is the year of big change, of fresh perspectives and new ways of thinking.  This is the year to emerge as the best versions of ourselves. This year we stop making excuses, we stop playing the victim card, we stop letting others tell us how to live, we stop trying so hard to make […]

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