Close Old Doors

Close Old Doors

Finding our brave to not only close old doors, but to keep them closed, is sometimes a daunting task.  Today, let’s look at this action with a fresh perspective.  I hear that people are afraid to close certain doors, but, what if you leave them open?  Does it bring you comfort or is it an […]

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Live Like We Are Dying

Live Like We Are Dying Part Two

Part 2 of a 4 Part Series.  You can find Part One here. Overview Live Like We Are Dying?  What do you mean, you might ask?  I’ve got plenty of time here, no need to worry. Hmmm, how can you be so sure?  Lives change in the blink of an eye.  Perhaps, in this moment, […]

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Self-created fears suck

Self-Created Fears Suck

Disclaimer:  There are definitely real fears, such as immediate dangers and life-threatening moments (fear is the vital response to physical and emotional danger; protecting us from true threats).  However, it seems that so many of our fears are self-created. This being said, I am not a medical professional, so the psychology will be kept to a […]

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Meet Me

Meet Me at the Water Cooler

Hey, meet me at the water cooler in 5 minutes!  Hmmm, wonder what chatter is being shared today?  ”People seem to see no difference between an intimate conversation and a conversation at the water cooler.”  ~ Mike Farrell Why is it seemingly easier to share chats or gossip at the water cooler, than to sit […]

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What is This Thing Holding Us Back

What is This Thing Holding Us Back?

What is this thing that is holding us back?  Take a listen, think it over and come to a decision. What will you choose?  Video:  kas2018videos Fear Fear Fear

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Common Fear

What Do These Things Have In Common?

Over the next month, we are going to tackle that one bit of baggage we all seem to carry with us in some fashion.  For some, it may be as small as a toiletry case, for others, it may be a streamer trunk, and for a few, it might be the size of a cargo […]

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What Holds us Back

What Holds Us Back?

What is holding us back now, in this very moment?  Shame? Fear of ridicule, rejection or failure? Being a disappointment to family, friends, ourselves?  That the world around us continually feeds us the message that we aren’t good enough, talented enough, smart enough, just plain not worthy enough (so much so that we begin to believe this […]

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Parents: We Can’t Be Afraid of the Tough Conversations

Daughter shyly walks into the room and asks dad to take her to the store.  Dad agrees and on the way, she asks “Will you please come in with me, I need some personal items.”  Dad blushes and begins to fidget and squirm in his seat.  “What kind of items”, he asks? “Stuff, dad, stuff […]

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Relationships for Wrong Reasons

I have met several young people lately (18-25) in states of anxiety because they have never had serious relationships or they have just broken up and hate being single.  Why is this? I am trying to remember back to that time of my life–sure it seemed like everyone had a significant other and I did […]

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Fear/Anxiety: Cripplers or Boosters

We began the new year discussing living with passion and being passionate about what we do and who we are.  Sometimes though, we are stopped dead in our tracks from being fully immersed in passion because of fear or anxiety. Fear and anxiety are quite the complex emotions.  According to Psychology Today, “Fear is generally […]

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