Lover of Love

Lover of The Vulnerable & Authentic

I AM a lover of those who allow themselves to be vulnerable and authentic.  I AM a person who believes in surrounding myself with as much positive energy as possible. This comes from the company I keep (my tribe), from the universe itself and from within my own soul. That being said, it doesn’t mean […]

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Mixing Circles

Does everyone else keep their circles of friends separate?  I am quite curious as to why.  I have done this for a long time with no real justifiable reasons. There are the work friends, the friends since school days, and those met through the school years of my children.  Sure, there are some different interests and […]

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Blessings, Miracles & Memories (9)

I believe that, if we could, we would all give the gifts of good health, financial prosperity, world peace, the end of poverty and homelessness, etc. to all of those around us. Sadly, those things are either out of reach or completely out of our control. There are things we CAN give this Christmas and […]

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How My Blog Got Its Name (A Tribute to Vince)

Two year ago, give or take, I read some poetry and viewed some prints on a friend’s Facebook page. I was immediately drawn to the words on the page–often simple or few–but their impact was powerful, pulling me in and touching my soul. Through the kindness of my friend, I was introduced to Vince Coates. […]

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