Live Like We Are Dying

Live Like We Are Dying Part Two

Part 2 of a 4 Part Series.  You can find Part One here. Overview Live Like We Are Dying?  What do you mean, you might ask?  I’ve got plenty of time here, no need to worry. Hmmm, how can you be so sure?  Lives change in the blink of an eye.  Perhaps, in this moment, […]

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The Journey to Self

There are a few things I have learned in life, especially in the past 10 years. We are a people walking around not only connected more to our phones than to ourselves or others, but also hiding behind any number of masks!  The path to self is filled with so many obstacles, it’s no wonder […]

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The only thing that makes flights tolerable is the end destination.  Yes, I respect and desire safety, but flying has lost the appeal it once carried. People are moving at a frantic pace, employees rarely look happy and we all seem like sheep being led to the shearer.  Cramped into tight spaces with people you […]

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Maze or Labyrinth

There is complete and utter wonderment when we embrace the unknown. When we do so with love, despite our uncertainty, we can experience joys unlike any others we have ever known.  I came across a portion of a sermon delivered by my pastor a few years ago when we were asked, “In life, are you […]

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Finding Courage Within

Addiction– most of us battle something at some point in our lives. People who are trapped, however, can lose everything they hold dear.  Addictive behavior is the source of the misery and we know that, but it is often most difficult to leave the comfort and familiarity of the high received. For some, it may […]

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The Gentle Pull of Souls

Yesterday, a friend and I were having a discussion covering several different topics when she made a statement that caused an “ah ha!” moment.  As soon as I stated my revelation out loud, she paused, thought for a moment and said you know what, you’re correct! That’s happened in my life too! By now, I […]

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Springing Into Revelations: A Raw Look

  During this time of new and glorious rebirth and growth outside, it’s equally as beautiful when the same occurs in the heart and soul.  We all have scars; some we just don’t wear on our skin.  When they heal..look out world! One thing I have learned in all of life’s ups and downs is […]

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