Live Like We Are Dying

Live Like We Are Dying Part Two

Part 2 of a 4 Part Series.  You can find Part One here. Overview Live Like We Are Dying?  What do you mean, you might ask?  I’ve got plenty of time here, no need to worry. Hmmm, how can you be so sure?  Lives change in the blink of an eye.  Perhaps, in this moment, […]

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Self-created fears suck

Self-Created Fears Suck

Disclaimer:  There are definitely real fears, such as immediate dangers and life-threatening moments (fear is the vital response to physical and emotional danger; protecting us from true threats).  However, it seems that so many of our fears are self-created. This being said, I am not a medical professional, so the psychology will be kept to a […]

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Calm Chaos

2018 Calm The Chaos Photo Challenge

Sometimes, when needing to calm the chaos or tame (and conquer) our fears, we can find this comfort in the simplistic.  It maybe in certain colors, settings, patterns—really anything that gives us a sense of peace. Yellow always makes me happy and I like the patterns of the bowl and those created by the sun. […]

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Joy & Happiness: I Choose Joy!

Are you seeking happiness? How’s that going for you? Is happiness something you find or something you are?  Does it come in small, inconsistent bursts that feel amazing in the moment but after a short time, the initial high quickly dissipates?   Let’s shift our perspective and consider what living in joy would be like. […]

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Day One 2017–Here’s Your Sign!

I forgot to complete a task, the printer wouldn’t work, I was extremely frustrated and it was not yet 10 a.m. Already, I thought, please don’t let these things be setting the tone for 2017. If this is day one, ugh! what will the rest of the year bring? Silly, right? But isn’t that how […]

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Blessings, Miracles & Memories (10)

Friends = Blessings, Miracles & Memories I have been gifted with some of the best friends on the planet. I am grateful to God each day for those He has brought into my life. Whether I have known them for almost forty years or if they have just come into my life this year, they […]

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Blessings, Miracles & Memories (2)

The holidays bring joy, laughter, music, wonder, gifts, togetherness, family, faith, hope, and perhaps for a fleeting a sense of peace that all is (or can be) right with the world. The holidays also bring about a sense of melancholy for many. I know because I am one who experiences it. Don’t get me wrong, […]

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