Self-created fears suck

Self-Created Fears Suck

Disclaimer:  There are definitely real fears, such as immediate dangers and life-threatening moments (fear is the vital response to physical and emotional danger; protecting us from true threats).  However, it seems that so many of our fears are self-created. This being said, I am not a medical professional, so the psychology will be kept to a […]

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Lover of Love

Lover of The Vulnerable & Authentic

I AM a lover of those who allow themselves to be vulnerable and authentic.  I AM a person who believes in surrounding myself with as much positive energy as possible. This comes from the company I keep (my tribe), from the universe itself and from within my own soul. That being said, it doesn’t mean […]

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Relationships for Wrong Reasons

I have met several young people lately (18-25) in states of anxiety because they have never had serious relationships or they have just broken up and hate being single.  Why is this? I am trying to remember back to that time of my life–sure it seemed like everyone had a significant other and I did […]

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Lessons Learned In The Company of Nonagenarians!

This past weekend, I had the tremendous privilege to be in the company of not one, but three lovely women in their 90’s.  Not one of them stood more than 5 feet tall, and if one of them weighed more than 95 pounds, I would be shocked.  But never let size fool you—these are 3 of […]

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