Forgiveness: Wrong No More

Easter: Forgiveness & Renewal

We knew it was wrong, but we did it anyway; hurting and turning away from both human and God. In essence, hammering the nails into the flesh ourselves… I listened to a sermon message from my former Pastor (Brian Diebold) tonight.  I paraphrase: “Forgiveness—God dealt with our sins and all of the wrongs on the cross […]

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Getting Out of Our Heads

We all have moments (or years) when we get stuck in our heads. Welcome to the chaos.  We get stuck in the past, we worry about the future, we over-think everything to death.  It’s reached a level far beyond pondering about life, goals, dreams, what’s for dinner, etc.  Nope, it’s nothing sweet and pretty but instead, […]

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Being a Blessing

The hustle and bustle of preparation is over; the shopping, wrapping, baking, mall & grocery store parking, the chaos portion that accompanies every holiday.  Whew! We survived another year!  Can we pause for a moment and reflect on blessings? Thankfully, the Advent season (and online shopping) helped to maintain peace and focus on the true […]

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Your Best

If You Could Tell Your Younger Self Anything

Or, maybe, you need to convince yourself of these things now… Don’t ever let anyone talk you out of trusting your heart (take your head with you too) You will feel more at peace when spending more time in nature Stop trying to plan everything—be more spontaneous No one else knows what they’re doing either; […]

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For Those Who Remain

“Release the need to know why that thing happened. Because you know what? It doesn’t matter. What matters is reclaiming the fire it will take to rebuild your energy again. And what matters is rediscovering the ridiculous amount of beauty right here, and right now straight into the pulsing, tangible, gloriously sweet center of this […]

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Be the Light

While it’s true that the world is full of violence, ignorance, hatred, racism, intolerance, disrespect, deception, anger, hopelessness, faithlessness, addiction, greed, jealousy, and so on; there is LIGHT and the LIGHT doesn’t need to accept or settle for this ugliness. We, meaning each and everyone of us, are the LIGHT this world needs. Don’t just […]

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Comfort in Chaos

I believe I have always been more comfortable in chaos:  it’s where creativity blooms, it’s raw, it’s authentic, it has flaws and therefore, it’s imperfectly perfect.  It’s a bit scary, and full of madness. This is where the fire of my soul is ignited and stoked. It is in the chaos that I can live […]

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