I love you 17 day challenge

I Love You! 17 Day Challenge

I Love You! 17 Day Challenge! Saturday, October 28, 2018 my city of Pittsburgh was rocked by a crime of pure hate and evil. The quiet, welcoming neighborhood of Squirrel Hill experienced a day that no town should ever have to go through.  Each one of these incidents is heartbreaking, but when it happens in […]

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Tribute to the Coolest Friend I Never Met

I originally published this on October 9, 2016; feeling the need to run this again today in tribute to the coolest guy!  I have updated the date/time reference. Five or six years ago, give or take, I read some poetry and viewed some prints on a friend’s Facebook page. I was immediately drawn to the […]

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The Journey to Self

There are a few things I have learned in life, especially in the past 10 years. We are a people walking around not only connected more to our phones than to ourselves or others, but also hiding behind any number of masks!  The path to self is filled with so many obstacles, it’s no wonder […]

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Thanks and Love

Say Thanks, I Love You, Then Leave!

Yes, Mother’s Day is Sunday. It’s a time when many desire to celebrate with their children; celebrations of being their mom or a mom figure or to honor our moms/those mother figures in our lives.  I am not one of them.  Say “Thanks, I love you”.  Then leave! I originally posted this last year and […]

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Look (Author Unknown)

“I love unmade beds. I love when people are drunk and crying and cannot be anything but honest in that moment. I love the look in people’s eyes when they realize they are in love. I love the way people look when they first wake up and they’ve forgotten their surroundings.  I love the gasp […]

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Forgiveness: Wrong No More

Easter: Forgiveness & Renewal

We knew it was wrong, but we did it anyway; hurting and turning away from both human and God. In essence, hammering the nails into the flesh ourselves… I listened to a sermon message from my former Pastor (Brian Diebold) tonight.  I paraphrase: “Forgiveness—God dealt with our sins and all of the wrongs on the cross […]

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Pour a Cup & Sit a Spell

Pour a cup and sit with me Let’s talk about the birds and bees And all things in between Let’s talk until the break of dawn ’til we no longer have words to say Let’s sleep curled up safe and warm Let more words fill our dreams We wake, we kiss, we pour a cup […]

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Loving Someone in Spite of Flaws

“Loving someone just as they are is more essential than anything you do for them.  To love them just as they are is like telling them that they are worth loving no matter what.  To love them with all their flaws is like telling them it’s their flaws that make them special.  To love them […]

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Handwritten letters

Handwritten Letters: Keeping the Art Alive

Creating memories, a sense of caring, reduced stress, creativity booster, improved cognitive function, visual and auditory experiences, attention and focus drivers, tradition, timeless, tangible, personal, lovely, preservation:  all reasons to continue the art of a handwritten letter. These special moments created in the present will live on as treasured keepsakes for future generations to enjoy. […]

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What is This Thing Called Love?

What is Love? It’s defined as an intense feeling of affection; a romantic and intimate attraction to another. How does love feel?  Sure, it is the butterfly feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see him or her.  It’s the jolt of electricity when your hands touch.  It can be the dizzying feeling […]

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