Look (Author Unknown)

“I love unmade beds. I love when people are drunk and crying and cannot be anything but honest in that moment. I love the look in people’s eyes when they realize they are in love. I love the way people look when they first wake up and they’ve forgotten their surroundings.  I love the gasp […]

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Woman #4: Naked

Learning to be naked, raw and vulnerable in front of friends, family, your counselor, your pastor, your God is so far out of the comfort zone for so many. It is, however, one of the most courageous, beautiful and powerful things each of us can do.  I (as can a few of my very closet […]

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Comfort in Chaos

I believe I have always been more comfortable in chaos:  it’s where creativity blooms, it’s raw, it’s authentic, it has flaws and therefore, it’s imperfectly perfect.  It’s a bit scary, and full of madness. This is where the fire of my soul is ignited and stoked. It is in the chaos that I can live […]

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