Lover of Love

Lover of The Vulnerable & Authentic

I AM a lover of those who allow themselves to be vulnerable and authentic.  I AM a person who believes in surrounding myself with as much positive energy as possible. This comes from the company I keep (my tribe), from the universe itself and from within my own soul. That being said, it doesn’t mean […]

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Getting Out of Our Heads

We all have moments (or years) when we get stuck in our heads. Welcome to the chaos.  We get stuck in the past, we worry about the future, we over-think everything to death.  It’s reached a level far beyond pondering about life, goals, dreams, what’s for dinner, etc.  Nope, it’s nothing sweet and pretty but instead, […]

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What Are You Searching for Today?

What are you searching for today? We often make it so much more difficult than it needs to be. Most of what we need is already inside of us: faith, strength, power, mercy, grace, hope, patience, joy, gratitude, compassion, empathy, wisdom, peace, love…. Life comes along though and gives us obstacles, challenges, heartbreak, grief, frustration […]

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I Know

… not where I am headed and it’s okay. Actually, it’s better than okay–it’s pretty phenomenal! …I am suspended in mid-air, mid-flight with wings forced to expand, to take flight. …I fly to destinations unknown; the journey a mix of trepidation and exhilaration! …I wasn’t born to belong to anyone; only to share equally with […]

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