2018: The Year of the Not So Standard Resolutions

How many of us have made New Year resolutions only to have them quickly fall by the wayside? Then, I bet, you decide not to make resolutions but if you’re like me, that feels empty and unfulfilling. My dear friend mentioned her perspective shift on resolutions for the year and it’s a very healthy approach: […]

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Living Well in a Finite World

Our lives will end someday; perhaps tomorrow, perhaps 50 years from now. We know this logically, so why do we live as though we have an infinite amount of time? Why do we procrastinate? Why do we put all our energy into things that don’t bring us joy? Food–Yes, we should try to eat healthier […]

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Blessings, Miracles & Memories (9)

I believe that, if we could, we would all give the gifts of good health, financial prosperity, world peace, the end of poverty and homelessness, etc. to all of those around us. Sadly, those things are either out of reach or completely out of our control. There are things we CAN give this Christmas and […]

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